David Howard Sprogis


Business and information technologist with extensive experience developing innovative software and systems that create value through enhancement, automation, efficiency and paradigm shift.

  • CineCast is a start-up that I founded in 1999 and operate today. It produces an Internet-based digital media distribution platform for movie theaters, particularly for pre-movie advertising.
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Professional/Social Networks

Website Development (Mostly CMS-based)


  • The Advent School is a small independent school in the City of Boston which celebrates a mission of excellence in education and social justice. I have served on the Board of Trustees and chaired the Technology Committee since 2004.
  • Watertown Cultural Council is the Watertown chapter of the Massachusetts Cultural Council which supports arts, sciences and humanities to build healthier, more livable, and vital communities. I have been a Council Member and served as Webmaster since 2007.


Most night, I tell my son a story after I tuck him into bed. I've been doing this since the time he could understand. I make them up as I go along, but sometimes I Google a story, get the gist then recite it as best I can. Here are a few that I've recorded. You can find others at my PodBean account.

Interesting Projects


  • Surfcasting, some people call it a passion; for me it's an obsession. This is my website.