CineCast software provides theatre owners with the tools necessary to manage their own digital pre-show, lobby and concession presentations. No theater company is too small to benefit from independent media management. Independence creates the highest return on screen assets, creates theater branding and promotional opportunities, creates a pathway to digital cinema, and eliminates lengthy contracts which limit a theater owner’s options.

CineCast software manages media from multiple sources including but not limited to advertising, entertainment, news and information from Hollywood and on a variety of general interest topics. CineCast software is available through its partners. CineCast partners (1) provide and install CineCast-enabled equipment, (2) host CineCast software on the Internet, (3) and provide access to and coordination of advertising agencies and entertainment content providers and (4) may offer financing. In rare cases, CineCast will provide its software direct; please contact us for details.

CineCast operates in a DCI-compliant digital cinema environment as well as in a 35mm environment using cost-effective “PowerPoint projectors”. In either environment, theater owners are provided full access through the Internet. Cinema owners can review and approve all content before it goes on-screen, can monitor network status and review equipment performance.

CineCast has significant experience helping independently-minded theater owners take the first step to digital and take control over their screens. We have been providing digital pre-feature software since 2000. We operates in the U.S. and Europe, have relevant patents in six countries and patents pending in 23 other countries. Please contact us to discuss your needs.