The CineCast system is has several components, most notably a Website Server operated by a partner on the Internet and a Screen Server located in each theater.

The servers communicate electronically over the public Internet and private networks. All communicated in encrypted. An account is required to login to the Website Server and accounts have limited access ensured by a role-based permission structure. Web login uses SSL for the same protection as on-line banking.

  1. Advertiser creates an ad (jpg, mpg, Flash, etc) using industry standard tools.
  2. Ad is uploaded to a CineCast Website Server hosted by one of our partners. The ad becomes part of a Job which the Advertiser schedules and targets to play at specific time(s) and location(s).
  3. Automatic processes take over:
    1. CineCast automatically receives show schedules from the theaters it serves (not illustrated).
    2. For each show, the CineCast system automatically selects a set of Jobs and formats them into a Presentation.
    3. The Presentation is automatically downloaded to a Screen Server in the theater.
    4. The Presentation plays automatically and logs successful playback of individual Jobs.
    5. Play Logs are automatically returned to the CineCast website.
    6. Attendance data is automatically collected from the theater and attributed to the show (not illustrated).
  4. Advertiser can then review the exposure their Job has received.