Advanced and Full-featured:

  • Web interface
    • Job entry, targeting and scheduling
    • Media upload
    • Inventory management
    • Job Reporting (proof-of-play)
    • System Administration
  • Email notification
    • Alert users when jobs are waiting
    • Alert management when jobs are not ready
    • Alert system administrators when something is wrong
  • Complete User/Role management
  • Flexible job workflow tracks progress and approvals
  • Impression-based or flight-based media management
  • Automated pre-show construction and delivery
  • High degree of targeting (each show unique)
  • Extensive ad hoc exposure reporting facility ("proof of play")

Hosted Solution (“Software on-demand”):

  • Supports "Pay-as-You-Go Subscription" model
  • Software kept current with latest updates
  • Outsourced N.O.C. (Power generators, redundant Internet, back-ups, etc)
  • Facilitates cooperative utility

Proven and Robust:

  • Continuous operation since March, 2000
  • Flexible screen formats
  • Dual screen formats
  • Remote monitoring, diagnostics and alerting
  • Remote software updates
  • Integrated with Digital Cinema


  • Small footprint in theater
  • Rapid deployment
  • Commodity components
  • Flexible WAN configurations
  • Internet with encryption (New for 2005)

Secure and Private:

  • On-line bank-level security
  • Confidential exhibition data
  • Confidential advertising data