Internet Giants Pursue Big-Screen Opportunities
Film Journal
2007 October 15, David Sprogis

You walk into a theatre to see a showing of Casino Royale and while you are waiting for the movie to begin, the pre-show gives you every impression that it was custom-designed for your showing. Like the advertising on a web page, the pre-show advertising is coordinated with the subject of the movie, location and date/time; the coordination makes the pre-show more appealing to the audience and, in turn, beneficial to the advertiser. Welcome to the Google pre-show…or is it an AOL pre-show or Yahoo! preshow or MSN pre-show? Full text

A Digital Pre-Show Primer
Film Journal
2005 September 13, David Sprogis

When evaluating a digital pre-show delivery system, the projector should be top of mind-the projector is, in fact, largely responsible for picture quality. There are many factors to consider when selecting a digital projector, not the least of which is cost. It is important to temper a zeal for the best picture with the financial realities of the application. Full text

Panelist: Cinema Advertising Networks
ITEA Annual Convention
2004 August 22-25, David Sprogis

Current and future systems software and architectures Attach:ITEA.pdf

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